Fresh Look!


After a period of time a vehicle accumulates swirl marks, minor scratches, tar spots etc.

Detailing will remove the majority of swirl marks, minor scratches etc and will enhance your gloss and protect your vehicle from the day to day wear and tear with outstanding results.

What's included:

  • Full citrus pre wash to loosen and remove dirt
  • Soft brush used around the details
  • Alloy wheels cleaned using non-acidic wheel cleaner
  • Wheel arches cleaned removing any dirt and grime
  • Vehicle washed using the two bucket method to avoid any dirt being placed back on the vehicle
  • Bonded iron contaminants removed using fallout remover
  • Clay bar used for the final decontamination stage
  • Gloss enhanced using a machine polisher
  • Paintwork seal with a carnauba wax (lasting up to 6 months)
  • Alloy wheel sealant is applied
  • Plastics and rubbers are sealed to stop fading
  • Tyres dressed to either a gloss or satin finish
  • Last stage detailing spray

      Price £210


     Engine bay Extra £15