Fresh Look!

Motorbike detailing

Over a period of time a motorcycle will begin to pick up swirl marks and scratches and other minor defections like any other vehicle.

This detail will remove the a majority of swirl marks and minor scratches from your paintwork, any chromes are corrected where possible.

What's included:

  • Full citrus pre wash to remove dirt without touching the bike
  • Details are cleaned so no dirt is left behind
  • Iron containments are removed using fallout remover
  • Wheels are cleaned with soft brushes and wheel cleaner
  • Tar spots removed where possible
  • Washed using the two bucket method
  • Clay bar is used for further decontamination
  • Gloss is enhanced through machine polishing
  • Carnauba wax is a applied for up to 6 months protection
  • wheel sealant is applied
  • Plastics and rubbers are sealed
  • Final detailing spray is applied


     Price £65